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Falling Waters Trio

String music from the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

Tom - rhythm guitar
Hope - fiddle
Rick - fiddle and mandolin


UPDATED 08/05/20

I'm happy to announce that at long last, both our first album, Whistling Swans, and our latest, Yellow Barn, are available in digital format on Amazon! (Note that Whistling Swans is under our old band name, Grietzer, Hodgson, Manning.)

Click HERE for Whistling Swans on Amazon

Click HERE for Yellow Barn on Amazon.

We hope you enjoy the music!


Updated 10/25/16

Just a note: we'd hoped for a November CD Release concert, but that's been postponed. I'll let you know when we reschedule!

Updated 10/15/16

Our new album is complete, and on it's way to CD Baby for duplication!

Updated 7/27/16:

We're recording a new album! The title will be "The Yellow Barn", and it'll be filled with waltzes, jigs, reels, and even some bluegrass tunes.

We're using Kickstarter to fund raise for the project, and have until August 24th, 2016 to reach our goal. We're offering lots of fun rewards in return for any support you can give us!

Click HERE to peek at the video for the project and the reward details. Thanks in advance for helping us out!


Whistling Swans has been nominated for a SAMMY Award! (Syracuse Area Music Award)

We're very excited that singer/songwriter Steve Gillette has chosen two tracks from our "Whistling Swans" CD to use behind his video of Whaler's Cove at Point Lobos. His stunning images add a whole new dimension to our tunes!

Whistling Swans is available below, and of course where ever you hear us play!


Hope Grietzer is the 2009 inductee into the New York State Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame.

Hope sang and fiddled in bands throughout the midwest for 13 years and was voted Rocky Mountain Region Fiddler of the Year by the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society. Her band Black Rose won the prestigious Rockygrass band competition.

The Tune of the Month on Hope’s website is accessed by hundreds of fiddlers across the globe, from Russia to Australia and points in-between.

Tom Hodgson, originally from the Boston area, has been a longtime resident of the Finger Lakes region.

Tom played folk guitar as a teenager, and has gone on to accompany some of the great fiddlers of traditional music and dance scenes throughout the country. He has toured extensively in North America and Europe with ensembles featuring the Irish, French Canadian, and New England musical traditions.

Tom plays and records regularly with the acclaimed North Country favorite Dan Duggan.

Rick Manning, a Rhode Island native, began playing music in college in Texas, and has focused on contest fiddling, bluegrass, and swing fiddle and mandolin, as well as harmony singing, composing, and song-writing.

He has been a frequent contributor to the Ithaca music scene in traditional, swing, and bluegrass musical configurations, and has been involved in many recording projects, including three albums produced in Nashville, TN with the bluegrass group, Cornerstone.

Click here for promo photo, 200 dpi, 4.25 mb


Here we are in a live performance at Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks, playing "The Zipper" written by James Schulz.

"On the Carpenter's Porch", written by Princess Harris.


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